omar bassam

senior software engineer

A Software Developer with 5 years of work experience. Highly skilled in React, Vue.js, Node.js, Python, HTML, JavaScript, Next.js Quasar Framework, and Linux. Passionate about building tools and enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and learning new technologies.


Senior Software Engineer

Financial Times | 2023 - Present

Creating a Micro-Frontends Framework to enable teams to work independantly to create, test and deploy components in isolation.

  • Created the runtime that loads components required per page
  • Collaborated with other teams to help them use the technology to create new components
  • Maintained the infrastructure necessary for the Components Registry
  • Created various components to test different functionalities of the feature

Software Consultant

Inanovations | 2022 - Present

Working on a Landing page for Innovations, a new startup company with a unique approach to cosmetics products using environment-friendly nanotechnology.

  • Communicated regularly with the designer
  • Turned the design into a functional website.
  • Managed the project deployment.
  • The website is built with React JS using Next JS and Tailwind CSS framework

Full-Stack Developer

Research Connect | 2020 - 2022

Developed a cross-platform PWA Funded by AGYA (Arab and German Youth Association) that aims at connecting researchers in the middle east with other researchers for collaboration as well as finding service/product suppliers relative to their needs.

  • Implemented features such as user authentication, profile creation for both the researchers and the suppliers, paper page creation for researchers, product page creation for suppliers and a messaging system was then added for users to be able to message each other.
  • Responsible for researching and deciding on the appropriate stack that should be used to meet the needs for the project both on the front-end and the back-end side.
  • Built the front-end in JavaScript with Vue JS using the Quasar Framework to be able to support both Web and Android versions.
  • Implemented the back-end, first with Firebase for prototyping and then was migrated to a custom Node.js server with the Express framework deployed to a custom Linux server.

Software Developer

QPB CLI | 2022 - present

Developed an open source CLI application that allows to quickly build web projects using the many ready-to-go templates with the most popular frameworks whether for a front-end, back-end or a Node.js CLI application without having to write all the boilerplate, ready to start developing with basic CSS setup included.

  • Developed in JavaScript using Node.js, the "kolorist" library for terminal colors, "prompts" for interactive user input and "minimist" for parsing input arguments.
  • Planning to include frameworks in the front end such as React, Vue, Svelte(kit), Next JS, Nuxt JS, and Quasar. And for the back-end, a basic Express template app and Nest app will be available.

Software Developer

Curly Headz | 2019

Developed a static one-page website for Curly Headz, a media production company specializing in Motion Graphics and Interactive experiences.


Craig's list scrapper

A Python Django Project that scrapes and allows visitors to search for a keyword and list the results as cards that the user can click on and redirected to the corresponding entry on craigslist website.


A simple Object detector built with JavaScript using Vue Js and the Tensorflow API.


This is a Pinterest Clone built using React JS and uses unsplash API to search images and links to the corresponding unsplash page for download. I used React JS with Material UI, styled components and unsplash API.

Connect Four in Clojure

A CLI Connect Four game written in Clojure implementing Minimax Algorithm.


My personal portfolio built using React and Next.js.